Magnetic Messaging Review – Seriously ?

Life is not always fair. Some people are born with all the charm, charisma and sexiness while others have to build those with hard work and effort. I have always been someone who fell in the second category and this was the bane of my life till I stumbled upon something what can be called noting short of a miracle. I am Keith and the first thirty one years of my life has been a tragic tale of rejection and dejection. Right from the first girl I asked out in eighth grade, my dating attempts have either failed miserably or ended way too soon. I am a app developer with a stable high paying job, own apartment, healthy life and that’s all I wanted. But there was only one thing missing in my life and that was love. Towards the end of it, I was completely frustrated as none of my relationships progressed beyond a little bit of texting and text flirting. Finally after a series of rejections and disappointments, a friend suggested me this book, Magnetic Messaging which I have to admit, changed everything for me. At first I was apprehensive but I figured that I have nothing to lose here so I simply placed my order, which in fact, has been the best decision I have ever taken!

Magnetic Messaging is a collaborative effort compiled by the joint authors, Bobby Rio and Rob who has also penned the book, Date Hotter Girls. It is essentially a thorough guide which covers all things that one needs to know abut texting and phone-related with a girl. As texting has now become a critically important part of dating, it is crucial to ensure that you do not mess up here. This book gives you some important tools and mindsets that you will need to effectively communicate with girls via text so that they will be interested in you, instead of being bored or put off. It covers various situations such as girls you haven’t been on a date with yet or those you have been out with, but only a couple of times or even girls you are dating or are in a physical relationship with.

Part 1 – The Principles of Phone Game

The authors explain that with phones playing an important part in dating, there are three parts in the process which has been divided into initial meeting, phone game and the date.

Phone game is where most guys usually go horribly wrong. In order to have more success in your dates, you need to improve it by understanding what an attractive communication is and how to go about it. The aim of texting is to develop one or more of the following, sparking emotion, forging connections and handling logistics. It is important to not end up saying something which might mess up. Often guys make the mistake of not sparking emotions or being boring or not flirtatious enough, which puts off the girl. The book gives you the right tools to be so special and exciting that girls will actually wait for your texts. As I delved into the book I could clearly see where and how I have been messing it up over my terrible texts, all these years. There were many situations which I could have easily salvaged, had I got hold of this book back then.

Part 2: First Phase – You Want to Date Her

It was good to see the authors of the book Debunk the traditional 3 day rule for waiting to contact a girl since it is now commonly known that most girls actually prefer to be contacted within two days. A poular survey conducted by Dating Metrics asked 100 women when they want a guy to first get in touch and they all responded that within two days. The books suggests that you should also avoid sending more than two texts without proposing to meet up. Since the goal of all this texting is to eventually initiate a date, better do it soon.The book also helps out in tricky situations like if a girl replies to your text with “who is this?”, Magnetic Messaging reveals an ingenious way which can easily salvage this situation in a fun and relaxed manner.

I was quite shocked to see what triggers girls into handling logistics and now I regret how many opportunities I have missed from not pulling that trigger sooner.

The Key-Lock Sequence

Th book introduces us to what the authors call “The Key-Lock Sequence” which reveals a three text sequence which you can use to get a date. It also tells you what you should do to avoid becoming her text buddy. If you usually end up falling into the friend zone with girls, then you would not want to miss this crucial section. As the running theme of the book goes, you need to spark emotions, make connections and handle logistics.

Low Interest Girls

There are some girls in the dating field which the authors describe as low interest girls. The book helps you to arouse their interest by keeping it light, playful and yet persistent. But is important to keep in mind that you don’t appear needy and clingy. If she is indeed ignoring and avoiding you by not replying at all, it is better to hang on to your self respect and move on. Using the techniques outlined in this book you can actually change a girl’s feelings about you on the first date from disinterested to extremely excited if you do just the right things. With proper examples the authors illustrate how you can initate contact and spark interest in a girl even after few weeks of no communication at all. Using these ideas I finally mustered up the courage to text a girl I had been seeing for a bit but she gradually went cold and we had absolutely no communication at all for over a week. To my utter shock and surprise, she actually responded and we started talking again!

The text-for-text examples mentioned in this book give you a vivid idea on how to actually put their teachings into practice when it comes to dating a girl. We have all been in a situation where we met a girl who seemed to be so into you when she first met but then never texted you back after you got in touch with her to try and fix up a date. This book with its effective steps offer a simple solution which will make her want you more.

Often guys are stumped when a girl makes use of excuses girls not to see him. But this book helps you here too, by covering most of the common excuses like: “I’m sick”, “I work too late”, “I’m too tired” etc and teaches you how to break through these.

Part 3: The “you’re sort of dating her” phase

When you just begin dating a girl, this is an extremely fragile phase fraught with delicate situations which have to be handled carefully. This stage is different since here the focus is less on logistics and more on building a strong connection. You need to work more on making her feel really good about you so that she wants to take this to the next level. Since you are already talking over text and phone, why not use it to build a rapport!

Not only that, this module helps you to ensure that you slay the dreaded first date. Often this is the scariest part since so much depends on it and yet there can be intense awkwardness, an unsure energy, just like in a job interview. But you have to use it to your benefit in order to ensure that you get the coveted second date and so much more! Now as I read this book, I have flashbacks of all the terrible first dates which ended miserably, owing to the bad moves I made. If only I had this book back then, so many of these first dates would have led to a second one for sure.

Texting After Sex

When you have been seeing a girl for some time and have even been intimate with her, the bond is usually stronger and therefore, it is important that you do not do or say the wrong thing to mess up something beautiful that is building here. It is important now to use your words to build a bond and trust as well as to make her feel more comfortable with you. As she opens up more, you open up a portal to happiness and love

Other chapters which are in this part talk about bantering and complimenting her the right way, how to intrigue anticipation with teasers that make her want to know you more and how to actually be funny without acting like a clown. If you hit the right buttons, you will be able to nourish a beautiful relationship.

Part 4: You’re Dating Her

In the fourth and final part of the book, which deals with the phase where you are actually dating her and you want to take things to the next level. Now you will learn how to sprinkle on some more humour, extend your bantering to a more intimate and better place, and even how to arouse a passionate desire in her for you. With the help of the tips and techniques that are outlined in this book, you can now learn how to ensure that the relationship does not lose the spark and end up flat. Thus, instead of ending and breaking your heart, it will bring you happiness and you will be able to build something beautiful here.

It is important to know and understand how relationships work, in order to take it to the next levels, which might eventually culminate into something beautiful that you can cherish for the rest of your life. This module offers you a whole lot of solid and useful general relationship advice in this section but there are some real juicy bits on how to initiate and carry on sexting if you lady is into it.

It is true that the examples used in the book might be specific to certain situations but they can be easily customised to fit your case. Thanks to this amazing book, I have not only had an amazing dating spree where I met some of the most amazing and interesting ladies, I have finally managed to meet the girl of my dreams. I am in a committed and happy relationship for the past three years and I could have never done it without the miracle called Magnetic Messaging

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