Make Women Want You Review – Is It A Scam?

“Women are so complicated.”

“Girls all have the same type.”

“Women play games just to push boundaries.”

“This chick will dig me if I have a better job and nicer car.”

“I’m gonna be single forever.”

Ah, the life of a misinformed man. Us dudes have it rough. We hear them all the time, and you know the saying…misery loves company. But what if I told you that it was all a sham? That these common thoughts about women are actually misnomers? Beliefs that have been so engrained in our heads because in reality we don’t even know the first thing about women?

That’s right.

These myths are about to be busted – by none other than a man himself.

Who is Jason Capital?

Jason Capital – relationship expert, dating coach, and best-selling author of “Make Women Want You” – has turned the tables for over 177,000 ambitious men and counting. A self-proclaimed “brash” guy, Capital spent his early college years as a virgin, and, wanting desperately to make a change, turned the tables for himself. After investing thousands of hours (and dollars) on mastering the whole “attract and sleep with hot girls” thing, Capital finally found the truth: it ain’t that hard. And thousands of men are rushing to figure out the secret, revealed in his new book, “Make Women Want You.”

This book, (which is actually more of a manual or “attraction program,” if you will) is the brain child of the lessons and hardships Capital learned in his early years.

Who is it for?

First off, are you a man?

Are you a man who is interested in women?

Are you a man who tries shamelessly to flirt with multiple women over online dating platforms such as Tinder, only to end up sleeping alone night after night?

Are your boyish good looks lost in translation because you break out in cold sweats by the mere thought of approaching a woman?

Do you drive women away because they get bored, or creeped out, or what’s worse – “they just want to be friends?”

Are you a man who, because of these very reasons, allowed yourself to believe these very common misnomers listed at the top of this article?

Then Make Women Want You is for you.

How can it help me?

With 115 pages and six chapters of helpful hints and expert advice, you will learn:

  • How to mold your appearance to get any girl you want
  • The importance of body language
  • Exactly what women want (!)
  • How to get any girl interested in you before you even talk to her
  • Tips and tricks on women, dating, sex, and more!

In the first chapter, “The Head Inside Your Head,” you will discover fresh tactics and techniques to subconsciously get inside a woman’s head. And I mean any woman. Really – it’s never been so simple. You will uncover the truth about the female mind, as Capital explains very bluntly what you need to say and do in order to get a woman to want you. Us guys know that the hardest part is the initial attraction. Let Capital teach you how to appear more desirable, keep her interested, and say all the right things – even when she starts playing games with you.

Chapter two is all about the woman. “The Female Framework Revealed,” introduces the formula, a powerful 3-step process to get your desired woman to want you. It starts with attraction, then moves into high value small talk, and ends with escalation. This secret formula is then revealed in the chapters to follow.

The third chapter delves into the first step of the formula: how to attract a girl. Supposedly it all begins with body language – this includes posture, facial composition, placement of your legs, arms, and toes, and just about any subconscious movement of your body. These are the things men don’t really think about. “Attraction, The First Step,” will also give you grooming tips for ample womanizing skills, as well as pointers on what to do with your body to maintain composure and look effortlessly cool. Once you master this step, you’re already a third of the way to becoming Mr. Unstoppable.

“High Value Small Talk” is arguably one of the most informative chapters of the book. Most guys struggle with the actual talking – but Capital breaks it down into two major categories for your (or should I say our) ease. Small talk must have two things – a playful undertone and high value triggers that lead the woman into the conversation. You’ll discover how to intermix these techniques to ensure the conversation doesn’t fall flat, while at the same time giving her a reason to talk to you, and not Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome at 5 o’clock. And for an added bonus, Capital gives you a few “tools” to help you with what to say when the stutters come along.

Chapter five, “Escalation, The Third and Final Step,” is where you will learn how to “clench the bait.” Capital reveals the most common mistakes men make when trying to attract a woman. He provides recommendations on what to with your body, voice, facial features, and mind in order to put women at ease. And that’s the final step.

So, keeping that less-than algebraic formula in mind, Capital moves on to the sixth chapter, “The Meet-Up To First Kiss Fireworks.” It’s exactly what the name suggests. You’ve got the girl, but here’s the hard part – getting her to meet up with you, not just once but enough times to ignite a spark. This chapter will deliver techniques on how to gain trust in a woman within a short time span – because isn’t that what all men want? Timeliness?

This e-guide isn’t for the faint-hearted. Here, you will learn tips and techniques that have the power to turn you into a total womanizer, if you wish. Women will be flocking to you in hordes if you do it correctly. You will also learn:

  • How to use a “brush technique” to catapult a woman’s pleasure centers into extreme arousal.
  • Methods of psychological manipulation, where you can convince even the most apprehensive woman to crave you and long for more.
  • A buzz generating method that creates an aura of coolness around you.
  • Tips on dating and sleeping with multiple women.
  • And much more!

What are the benefits?

Obviously, these concepts aren’t new. But what can I say? They work. And most men are too dim-witted to realize that a simple change in body language, confidence, and timing can make all the difference when it comes to clenching the girl (or girls) of their dreams.

Capital has proven success in garnering the attention of hundreds of women. In “Make Women Want You,” he selflessly provides his very own tips and techniques on fashion, grooming, attraction, seduction techniques, and many more powerful concepts and mind games to help you get the woman that you’ve been lusting after.

His tone is arrogant, yet never condescending. Outrageously worded, yet practical. His step-by-step guide provides examples from his past experience – in both the failures and successes.

So, if you want a powerful and succinct guide to get women lusting after your bones in no time, I recommend you purchase this book today

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