Unlock Her Legs Review

We all have that one girl –

The one who placed you in that notorious friendzone.

The one in your social circle (who has also potentially friendzoned you.)

The Tinder date gone wrong.

The one you work or go to school with (and you’re wondering how to mix work with pleasure.)

The long lost love – or perhaps, the love you messed up. Badly.

Guys – it’s time to flip the switch, take back control, and finally uncover the secrets of the twisted mind of girls.

Once you discover the five-step process given to you in “Unlock Her Legs,” you’ll have her begging to be your girlfriend. Picture it. The girl you’ve so desperately wanted for ages – the one you thought you had absolutely no chance with – will be pleading for your attention and validation.

That’s something any guy can get behind.

What is Unlock Her Legs?

We know you’re not hopeless with women. That’s not the premise behind “Unlock Her Legs.”

This is a mind game – a five-step mind control technique, if you will – that takes advantage of proven psychological loopholes in the human brain. The brain is wired to crave certain things, and by flipping the switch you take back power of the relationship and become an entirely different person in her mind.

Ever heard of the phrase “reverse psychology?” Say your friend calls you stingy and tells you he doesn’t expect a birthday gift from you – well, you will likely respond by buying him a really nice present just to prove a point.

It works on chicks, too.

“Unlock Her Legs” uses this technique to get you to where you need to be with the girl of your dreams.

Who created it?

Since 2010, this technique has been used by thousands of (hopeless, love-struck) men around the globe. “Unlock Her Legs” is brought to you by two long-time dating coaches, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, who were on a search to find out why guys settled for girls that they weren’t really attracted to. In the process, they discovered numerous seduction weapons’ that will help any guy ignite a woman’s desire.

They came to the conclusion that there are three weapons, and each controls a different area of her brain. There is one designed to hold her attention, one that will have her addicted to being with you, and one that will have her falling in love with you.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

What is the “scrambler method?”

And why do they call it that?

Just like an egg, the mind of a woman can be scrambled so hard that she turns into pure liquid. She will be falling all over you – melting, in a way. Pretty soon you’re the only guy she’s thinking about.

The dynamic duo begins by explaining that the scrambler method is a sequence that must be followed in its exact order. There are five steps, each one a building block upon the next. Take caution, however, as most men fail because they do not do it in sequence.

The first step is called “The Pattern Interrupt.” This is where you plant your base – as she already has some idea in her head about you, you want to confuse her. Plant a new idea in her mind. Whatever you may be to her – the funny guy, the fat friend, the ex that just wasn’t good enough – now, you need to be something else. Judge and Rio recommend you throw a curve ball her way during this first step. If you master this step, they claim you’ve just as good as hit the reset button in her mind. Only now can you move on to the second step.

“The Power Shift,” where the power shifts to none other than you. We all know that the person who has more power in the relationship is the one that usually cares less. Sad, but true. So the duo instructs the reader to take the upper hand, and reverse the power gradually then suddenly. Not too clear how they advise to make that happen.

In the third step, “Validation,” these bros suggest that as humans we are all “validation junkies.” We need validation, but we must feel as though it has been earned. Stop doling out compliments like candy, they say. Once you take back the power, she will start to crave your validation.

In the most powerful step, the duo reveals “The Unpredictable Rewards.” So the girl has started to become invested in you, if you’ve mastered the first three steps properly. At this point you might stop being novel to her, and you need to change it up (like they said, once she gets bored it means she has the power. Not good.) By switching up when and how you give rewards and validation, you will leave her in a constant state of anticipation.

And now, as the four steps have been mastered, Judge and Rio lead you to the last step of the process. This part is all about the physical intimacy. Obviously at this point there should be some sort of chemistry between you and your chick, so you need to go in for the kill. They suggest a few ways for you to make it happen, and still have her craving more…by disagreeing with her, making her buy you a drink, and paying little attention to her at a social event.

Some more on it…

The duo also includes a few extra moves and metaphors for your reading, including the blackout (how to escape the friend zone or reconstruct a relationship with a girl you messed it up with,) “Chilled Ice,” and the culminating “LU.S.T. Phase,” which is when you make your move.

What does L.U.S.T. stand for?

Laughing, understanding, sexualizing, and taking it home.

Final opinion?

I really appreciate all the hard work and research these two guys have put into the book – er, PDF.

And hey, it’s really cool that they both experienced extreme dating tragedies and managed to come out of it with such success. They’re helping thousands of lovestruck men come out of heartbreak – or what’s worse, the friend zone – and regain the girl of their dreams.

I think it can work, in some cases. For a guy who is somewhat hopeless with women and just needs that extra push to get the girl of his dreams, it should work pretty well. The psychology is there. The topic is well researched.

However, I don’t think “Unlock Her Legs” should be taken verbatim, because in the end this guide is advising you to play mind games with a girl that you really care about. Read: This could go very, very wrong.

Girls are fragile, delicate beings. These days, most girls don’t stand for obnoxious assholes. After a while of being emotionally abused, they’re going to call it quits.

That being said, you can’t continue this “scrambler method” forever. At some point, the real you is going to come out (unless of course, you want to be a control freak forever.) Mind games are for children.


I have mixed feelings about this guide, as I’ve seen some mind games work and I’ve seen some go terribly, terribly wrong.

Some steps, such as the “validation” phase, have potential to be taken overboard, in which case you will lose the girl of your dreams and earn a reputation as the world’s biggest asshole.

I do applaud Judge and Rio on all the research and information they have provided. They certainly know a lot about psychology, but what they don’t know is that not every girl wants to be played with. They like to do the playing, too.

I’d say read the book if you are truly seeking some advice. But be forewarned: if you take it verbatim, you might just get canned

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